Coldbrook Insurance Group is the only agency endorsed by Physicians’ Organization of Western Michigan. We offer all lines of coverage and have a malpractice program through The Doctors Company where POWM members may receive an additional 30% credit.

A Relationship Built on Trust

We want to earn your trust. It’s the single most important goal in the operation of the agency. Afterall, it’s important you have the confidence that we’re doing what’s right for your practice, not what’s best or easiest for our agency. Building that trust takes time and an honest effort, but experience tells us it’s crucial.


It is our commitment to take an active role in getting to know your practice. The better we understand it, the better we can advise you on issues relevant to you. We take pride in handling larger but fewer accounts — the same person that proposed and sold you the coverage is directly involved in resolving claims, reducing exposure and fixing policy language issues.


Your business is unique. We get that. Diverse experience in handling insurance placements, risk management, and employee benefit consulting is essential in identifying needs and finding solutions to a large and complicated account. No matter the size of your practice, Coldbrook Insurance Group has the expertise to offer you the best options.

We can provide Property and Casualty (Including Medical Malpractice) as well as Employee Benefits Coverage for Group Physicians, including Private Practice Physicians for such practices including but not limited to:

OB Gyn
Orthopedic Surgeons
Family Medicine