Reporting a Liability Claim

There are three very different types of liability claims. By properly identifying the type of claim we will be able to gather critical information to that specific claim.

Property Liability Claims involves damage to property (other then property owned by you) that was caused by a product YOU manufactured or delivered.

  • Save the product involved for inspection.
  • Do not destroy

Slip Trip or Fall Claims involves a person (other then an employee) who slips, trips or falls on property you own or are responsible for.

  • Address any hazardous situation immediately.
  • Document all fact regarding any incident.

Other Liability Claims can involve bodily injury or property damage to others that does not fall in the above two scenarios


  • A box falls off a shelf and strikes someone other then an employee.
  • A claim of libel or slander.
  • Virtually any other allegation of negligence that relates to your business operations.

Information Needed to Report a Claim

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